Presenting myself

erika-62Hi, my name is Erika and I live in the wonderful country known as Italy. I begun to work in the tourism just after the end of schools, especially because I love travelling and knowing places and people. My very first travel was in a little city called Rabbi, where my parents rented a house for holidays, and from there we had wonderful walks into the mountains. After that I never stopped to travel, even alone, around the world. I love the misteries and the legend of Parma and Piacenza above all and I love to go around and to discover them. But why I decided to open a blog about Italy? I discoverd that the most part of people know only few big cities like Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice and they don’t know other wonderful places. I will help you to discover them.

Hope you’ll have a nice stay in my blog.



Me in London, exactly I am on the London Eye