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It’s not easy to speak about me and the love I have for travels.

I started to travel when I was a child of about 6 years thanks to my parents that took me to a small village called Rabbi; from there I conquered a lot of mountain retreats.

After my first expriences with my parents I never stopped to travel: I love to know new cultures and meet new people together with I will share my adventures around the world. I visited USA, Egypt, Indonesia, France, UK, Swizerland, Germay Austria and a lot of other places where I left my heart.

I worked as receptionist in Jesolo and Venice for about 8 years.

When I transferd, because of my job to mom’s birthplace I decided to discover it and I was surprise because of the hidden treasures I found there. I decided to share all I found here with people all around the world, because Italy isn’t only Venice, Rome or Florence, but it’s a treasure ready to be discovered.

I started Fantasy Tale Travel on 18th of June 2014 but I didn’t know exactly how to do so I take a long break from it and I studied and made a lot of researches. Quite after an year I transformed my blog and I started to create different posts with photos that I made during my trips all around Parma and Piacenza.

Now I am one of the affiliates of Travel Blogger – Italian Association and I am learing a lot form all the members.

I started a cooperation with Borgo Italia. There you can find a lot of my things


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