• London
  • Starbucks

    The first time I heard about Starbucks was during a movie. I saw the famous glass on a desk and then the shop with the cakes, the coffee, the tea and the wonderful sandwiches. Then I noticed the symbol in a lot  tv series. It was strange to me to see people with a glass […]

  • Heart place
  • Valley Crucis Abbey

    I remember when I was in Wales for a holiday with my family, I discovered this Abbey looking for something to visit. I was immediately fascinated by it, and I just looked the images on some depliants. The Abbey was (and is) near Llangollen a nice small village on the River Dee. It wasn’t easy ti find it […]

  • Food
  • Japanese food desire

    In this period I have a big desire of sushi or at least some Japanese food. Unluckly in my small (but wonderful) city there aren’t Japanese restaurants and I have to keep it. But, when I went to London, I had a lot of choice. I could choose sushi, or ramen or other Japanese food. […]