News and changes

It’s a lot of time that I don’t write in this blog, but I was planning new changes, a new start for my blog and for me.

The changes will be a lot and I hope you’ll like them:

  • Travel will be always the main object of this blog. I will speak about UK and Emilia Romagna, but I will also write about other travels I made.
  • Events and Reviews will be still there.
  • My life: book (above all travel books, guides and other books), food, recipes (above all the Emilia Romagna’s ones),crystals (that are becoming one of the reason of my travels and daily trips) and other things that will speak about me.
  • My portfolio: I love to take pictures and I would like to show them to you. I have so many photos that it’s impossible -to put them all on Instagram or Twitter. So I decided to create a small page in my blog: most of them are about my travels, even if I lost a lot of them. Photos will be old and new.

This yeas I will translate the blog in Italian. It will take time, but I will do it.

So in this month, you could find different layouts or menus. I am trying to find the best for the blog. Hope to see you again.

Have fun


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