London Eye

To see London from the sky was always a dream, but I never had the possibility to do it. Only last time I went to London, finally, I went to the London Eye and I saw it.

It was a sunny and warm day, with big white clouds. I went there with some good friends.

When I started to walk along the bridge on the Thames I was already looking at it, so big and majestically wonderful. Around it there was so many people some were eating ice cream, some just speaking, other walking or making photos.

We waited about 20 minutes and considering the amount of people waiting it took not a lot of time.

And then the magic happened. 30 minutes to admire the city from above. For me it was too few, but I loved the view and for sure I’d like to go on the London Eye another time.

Did you ever go there? Do you have photos to share?

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