The first time I heard about Starbucks was during a movie. I saw the famous glass on a desk and then the shop with the cakes, the coffee, the tea and the wonderful sandwiches. Then I noticed the symbol in a lot  tv series. It was strange to me to see people with a glass going around the streets. For me the coffee was a small cup on a table inside a house.

The first thing I made once I was in London with a friend was to look for a Starbucks and we entered into the Starbucks in Victoria Station. We had a long journey by bus to reach the city and we wanted to make a small break before looking for the house we booked.

It was magic for me to enter there: the sweet smell of the cakes was delicious. I took a big cup of hot tea and a carrot cake. We stayed there a lot and Starbuck became the  breakfast point for us.

Even when I went back alone to London was the same. I loved to stay there, to read, to plan my next move or just to drink a cup of tea with some cakes or sandwiches. It was a nice break and I can find Starbucks where I needed.

Did you ever drink a tea or eat a cake in Starbucks?

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