50th Palio of Isola Dovares

First of all I have to thank mayor Gianpaolo Giansi and deputy mayor Gamba Tiziana who helped me to have a wonderful experience during the Palio. They are always nice and welcoming.

Everything started a lot of time ago when I first met the mayor of Isola Dovarese. He told me about the Palio, the main event of Isola. I was amazed while listening to him and I became curious immediately. I didn’t think twice to accept the invitation for the main event on Saturday evening.

So I went to the dinner during the Palio and it was the most amazing experience I had. The dinner was completely dedicated to the chef Martino de Rossi and we had to eat without a fork. I love to eat with my hands so I had no problems. The food was good and the atmosphere was magic, especially thanks to the show I looking at.

For Isola Dovarese was an important Palio: it was the 50th edition.

The Palio evokes the period when Isola Dovarese was under control of Gonzaga State.  Marquise Barbara stayed in Isola during the 1458 together with her daughter Dorotea; who was promised to Galeazzo Maria Sforza the future Duke of Milano.

Isola transform itself during the Palio: taverns, food and costumes are connected to this period. No light on the streets only torches, no forks in the taverns and delicious food. It’s like being catapulted into the 400 century.

I really suggest you to visit Isola during the Palio, especially if you want to live an extraordinary experience. Next will be in September, normally the first weekend.

Did you ever see the Palio of Isola? Did you have photos to share? What did you like of the Palio?

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