50th Palio of Isola Dovares

First of all I have to thank mayor Gianpaolo Giansi and deputy mayor Gamba Tiziana who

Rimini – Basic info

Articles List: Next to come To download the images with basic info, just click here:

Earthquake in Italy in Abruzzo

Today I wanted to speak about my experience in San Marino and Rimini, but when I

Bardi – Basic Info

Article List 10 Castle: my personal ranking Castle street at Bardi Discovering Via Francigena (Itinerary 1):

Busseto – Basic Info

Articles List Pokemon around Busseto 135 Editions for Busseto Carnival Busseto Carnival 5 villages near Parma:

Science Museum of London

The science museum of London was one of my favorite visit I made. It was founded

Pokemon around Busseto

Pokemon Go… Another way to discover the city where you live. Pokemon Gyms There are three

Luggage and Documents

When I travel alone, but with other people too, I have to take care of my

Traveler or Tourist?

I get offended when people call me tourist. It could be seeing like a stupid thing,

Isola Dovarese

Isola Dovarese is really small village of about 1150 inhabitants but it is full of history

Cruise on the river Po

The Big River Po is really important for the region it goes through. Our most famous

5 flavors for 1 wonderful ice cream: Gelato Madre

Ice cream is one of the most delicious food, especially when you travel in Italy. I