The first time I heard about Starbucks was during a movie. I saw the famous glass

2 days of wonderful music in Busseto

During this last week-end I had the possibility to go to a couple of concerts in

Don Carlo

Don Carlos presentation at Teatro Regio Parma.

50th Palio of Isola Dovares

First of all I have to thank mayor Gianpaolo Giansi and deputy mayor Gamba Tiziana who

Rimini – Basic info

Articles List: Next to come To download the images with basic info, just click here:

Earthquake in Italy in Abruzzo

Today I wanted to speak about my experience in San Marino and Rimini, but when I

Bardi – Basic Info

Article List 10 Castle: my personal ranking Castle street at Bardi Discovering Via Francigena (Itinerary 1):

Busseto – Basic Info

Articles List Pokemon around Busseto 135 Editions for Busseto Carnival Busseto Carnival 5 villages near Parma:

Science Museum of London

The science museum of London was one of my favorite visit I made. It was founded

Pokemon around Busseto

Pokemon Go… Another way to discover the city where you live. Pokemon Gyms There are three

Luggage and Documents

When I travel alone, but with other people too, I have to take care of my

Traveler or Tourist?

I get offended when people call me tourist. It could be seeing like a stupid thing,